This call can be used to fetch the contents of an album that the user has permission to view.


The call must be from a logged in user. This means that username and password parameters must be sent with the call or that a valid sessionId must be included.



JSON list of album objects that the viewing has permission to see.

id: (String) id of the photo / video.

userId: (long) user id of the owner of the photo / video.

albumId: (String) id of the album that this photo / video belongs to.

filename: (String) original filename of the photo / video.

name: (String) name of the photo / video.

description: (String) text description.

createDate: (long) create time on epoch milliseconds.

position: (long) number used to sort items.

date: (String) human readable version of createDate.

type: (int) 1 for photo / 2 for video.