About Acushare

Acushare is a web based news system that brings together many different tools for reading, sharing, and discovering new things on the internet.

The site allows you to manage a central profile of all of your online activities, ie. photos, videos, blogs, and other applications. You can then connect with your family, friends, and coworkers and share all of these activities with them. Using permissions you can manage which items get shared with which people.

There is also a simple way to send updates to your friends, share news stories with them, or comment on something that they’ve shared with you. You can either use a private direct message that is only between you and the other person or you can use a group message.

Acushare was created by Bryan McCormick. I’m a software engineer, living in the bay area. Currently I’m taking some time off from the corporate world to raise my daughter (wow parenting is exhausting). I work on Acushare as a way to keep my skills up each night after the family has gone to bed.