Updated Messaging

July 25th, 2008 | by bryan |

Messaging on ReadPath has been updated. The new messaging options allow you to choose to send a comment or update to an individual, group, or external email address.

You can send update messages from the Homepage using the send update button. If you select individual or group, these messages will show up for your recipients on their Friend page. They’ll be able to reply directly to you from these messages.

On the News page you can also share stories with individual, group, or email. When the recipient views the shared item on the Friends page they’ll also see the attached news story and be able to reply to you.

One of the next features that we’re looking to implement on ReadPath is email notification preferences. The default value will be to get Digest emails once a day if you have updates to your friend activity. You’ll also be able to override this and set it to immediate notification or no notification.


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